Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick Meek Photographs Costa Rica Covered in 8 Mil. Flowers Petals for Sony

Imagine a landscape swirling with millions of flower petals. This might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but it really happened.

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Title: Ooh La La La Artist: Fugees 1,811 plays

Ugggh, Ms. Hilllllll!

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“Look at me. I’m skinny, I have a big nose, no tits and no ass, but in a room full of beautiful women, I would still leave with the most gorgeous guy.” - Zoe Saldana

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Title: All My Time Artist: Paid & Live ft. Lauryn Hill 957 plays


Paid & Live ft. Lauryn Hill - All My Time


If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.

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"Take Away Phoenix" is a 21 minutes movie where you can see the band Phoenix playing four songs for La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows, in a single movie. 

This includes : “Bourgeois” sung in a flying plane (over the Alps), “Entertainment” filmed by a drone, at dawn in the empty gardens of the Palace of Versailles, “Trying to be cool” played in a boat in Neptune’s bassins, and “Countdown” played in a small garden in the palace of Versailles.

Such a great marriage of sights and sounds. So good. 

Title: Open Your Eyes Artist: John Legend 3,151 plays


John Legend - Open Your Eyes

Love how he kind of blended the Bobby Caldwell version with Common’s version. 

Listening to this song makes me want to cry.
It’s nostalgic of my first year of college where Common’s Be was constantly on, but it’s also a completely different song.

I feel like there’s some sort of metaphorical truth that can be unearthed here, but I’m too lazy/sad/old-feeling/happy to figure that out.